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Radio-Frequency Therapy, employing the Indiba Activ CT9 device, is an innovative technology designed to stimulate healing and manage pain. The Activ CT9 device delivers effective treatments swiftly and conveniently.

How Activ CT9 Works

The Activ CT9 is a device that uses radio-frequency (RF) energy to help repair body tissues and manage pain. It operates at a specific frequency to encourage cells to work better and enhance healing. The device has two modes and adjustable power levels, making it adaptable to different stages of injury—whether the injury just happened or is an ongoing one. This means that we can now use the Activ CT9 to treat a wide range of conditions, from acute injuries to chronic pain.

Benefits of Activ CT9

The Activ CT9 delivers a host of health benefits, making it an indispensable addition to any treatment protocol:

  • Analgesic effect: Activ CT9 provides relief from pain, enhancing patient comfort and facilitating a faster recovery​.
  • Increased blood flow: The device helps augment the volume and intensity of deep blood flow within the body, thus ensuring a steady supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues​1​.
  • Boost in metabolism: By encouraging metabolic activities, Activ CT9 supports the body’s natural healing processes​.
  • Management of inflammation: Activ CT9 plays a crucial role in controlling inflammation, a key step in the healing of many injuries and conditions​​.
  • The normalisation of cell function: Activ CT9 helps restore cell membrane potential, thereby normalising cell function and promoting general health​​.

What Conditions Can Be Treated By Radio Frequency Therapy Using The Indiba Activ CT9

The Activ CT9 device is a versatile tool that can manage and treat a wide array of musculoskeletal conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis: Activ CT9 helps to manage the pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis, enhancing joint mobility and improving the quality of life for patients​.
  • Low Back Pain: Offers effective relief from the discomfort of low back pain, facilitating daily activities and improving overall wellbeing​.
  • Neck Pain: With its therapeutic capabilities, Activ CT9 can alleviate the symptoms of neck pain, contributing to greater flexibility and reduced discomfort​​.
  • Bursitis: Activ CT9 aids in managing the inflammation and pain of bursitis, helping patients regain normal function and mobility​​.
  • Tendinopathy: By stimulating tissue repair, the device can address the pain and mobility issues associated with tendinopathy, enhancing recovery and rehabilitation outcomes​1​.
  • Haematoma: Activ CT9 can assist in the resolution of haematoma, reducing swelling and speeding up the healing process​.
  • Fractures: This device supports the body’s natural healing processes, aiding in the recovery from fractures and helping restore normal function​.
  • Muscle Tears: Activ CT9 aids in the repair of muscle tears, reducing recovery time and improving functional outcomes​​.
  • Sprains and Strains: The device provides effective management of sprains and strains, reducing pain and swelling while promoting faster recovery​​.


The Activ CT9, with its unique radio-frequency technology, serves as a comprehensive solution for a wide array of conditions and ailments by promoting cellular activity, enhancing blood flow, and managing inflammation.


Dr Chiam Tut Fu image

MBBS (Singapore)

MSS (Sports Medicine) (USA)

MMed (OM) (Singapore)

GDOM (Singapore)

DWD (Singapore)

Dr Chiam is a MOH accredited Specialist in Sports Medicine and has practised medicine for over 30 years.

Dr Chiam Tut Fu obtained his MBBS from National University of Singapore in 1990. He went on to obtain his Masters in Sports Science (Sports Medicine) from the United States Sports Academy, graduating as the year’s outstanding student, and Masters of Medicine (Occupational Medicine) from the National University of Singapore.

Key Interests:
  • Non-surgical treatment of sports injuries
  • Non-surgical treatment of degenerative conditions
  • Nutraceuticals for healthy ageing and exercise performance

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